My visit to Phoenix Arizona

I was in Phoenix Arizona for most of the last week and went looking for first hand signs of what is really going on with the economy.  I looked for all the homeless & distressed people who have been foreclosed on. What I found were full shopping malls and restaurants with line ups literally out the door, three nights in a row. 

I also attended the Canuck's game.  The score was miserable, but the arena was sold out.  I was told that there was an NBA game the same night, blocks away.  Even with fans drawn to other events, the place was packed.  Too bad Vancouver got wooped.  Eight dollars for a draught beer and six for popcorn and they couldn't pour and pop fast enough.  Where are the droves of devastated people the media keeps mentioning?

I also spoke at length with Terry Ritchie, a Canada/U.S. cross-border tax expert from , based in Calgary AB and Phoenix AZ.  He is so busy he cannot keep up with the work load.

The media says Phoenix is one of the hardest hit areas, but one certainly wouldn't know it from looking.


Derek Moran

Smarter Financial Planning Ltd.